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Master Night Operations with NOX Dynamics Night Vision and Tactical Training

Master Night Operations with NOX Dynamics Night Vision and Tactical Training

NOX Dynamics was established in 2022 by a medically retired Navy SEAL. Operated by a team of former US Special Operations veterans, NOX Dynamics is dedicated to offering the highest caliber of night vision and tactical training in the industry. 

Their mission is to provide unparalleled instruction and access to top-tier tactical gear and share their profound knowledge and experience with those passionate about learning.

With a strong belief that private citizens should have unrestricted access to night vision and other tactical gear, as well as quality training, NOX Dynamics is committed to eliminating barriers and empowering individuals. 

They specialize in night vision technology, offering expert consulting services to law enforcement agencies and private citizens alike. These services include selecting appropriate night vision equipment, setting up helmets, and providing comprehensive training to ensure operational proficiency with NVGs and operating in low and no-light environments.

Night Vision (NVG) Expertise

NOX Dynamics brings unmatched expertise in night vision technology, leveraging the extensive, combat-proven experience of its team of former Special Operations veterans. Having utilized night vision technology in some of the most demanding operational environments worldwide, these experts now dedicate their knowledge and skills to training civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Master Night Operations with NOX Dynamics Night Vision and Tactical Training

Their training programs are designed to impart real-world tactics and techniques that Special Operations have used, offering an in-depth understanding of how to leverage night vision technology effectively during night operations. NOX Dynamics ensures that the same high-grade equipment used in special missions is now accessible to private citizens, providing them with the gear and expertise to use it safely and effectively.

The training encompasses practical, hands-on instruction, where participants learn to integrate night vision systems with tactical operations seamlessly. Trainees gain insights into helmet setup, navigation, and tactical movement under low visibility conditions, translating military skills to civilian and law enforcement applications. This approach not only enhances the tactical capabilities of participants but also ensures they can operate NVGs with confidence in any situation.

Night Vision Goggles Offered

NOX Dynamics also offers a variety of high-end NVGs, catering to different operational needs. Here’s a look at some of the models available:

BNVD 1431 MKII Dual Tube Articulating Night Vision Goggle – White Phosphor

The BNVD 1431 MKII Dual Tube Articulating Night Vision Goggle (White Phosphor) is a cutting-edge night vision solution designed for users needing durable and responsive equipment. This product uses Military PVS-14 optics, facilitating easier training and maintenance by being compatible with widely available accessories and tools.

The goggles feature state-of-the-art Gen III auto-gated white phosphor tubes offering outstanding visibility and detail. They incorporate a variable gain control for image tube brightness adjustment and an integrated infrared illuminator for enhanced night vision capability. Lightweight and robust, the BNVD 1431 MKII provides a solid build quality with an articulating eye pod design, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of night environments.

L3 BNVD-1531

The L3Harris BNVD-1531 is an advanced binocular night vision device that expertly combines features from the well-established AN/PVS-15 and AN/PVS-31, providing enhanced capabilities in a compact and lightweight form. Ideal for extended missions where fatigue reduction is critical, the BNVD-1531 boasts an ergonomic design with a significant weight reduction compared to older models.

It includes adjustable diopters, manual gain control, and individually rotating monoculars for optimal operational flexibility. Additionally, it features an integrated infrared illuminator, enhancing night vision capabilities. The device can be used in various configurations including helmet-mounted, head-mounted, or handheld, ensuring adaptability to diverse field conditions and is maintainable with minimal equipment.

AN/PVS-31A Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD)

The AN/PVS-31A Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD) from L3Harris is a state-of-the-art, dual-tube goggle using white phosphor technology to provide superior situational awareness and image clarity. Designed in collaboration with Special Forces operators, this device features a low-profile, ergonomic design that enhances comfort and reduces head-borne weight, making it ideal for extended missions.

The AN/PVS-31A is favored by elite units for its balance, reduced weight, and the ability to maintain a natural stance during use. It significantly improves the user’s operational performance by optimizing the system’s center of gravity, which is critical during dynamic and demanding field conditions.


The EOTECH BinoNV-c is a state-of-the-art night vision goggle that adheres to the rigorous MIL-SPEC standards (MIL-STD-810G), ensuring robustness and high performance for tactical applications. It features one of the industry’s most advanced and compact bino housings, which helps minimize silhouette and provides full articulation, allowing for independent tube adjustment and folding.

This design makes the BinoNV-c exceptionally suited for special operations forces and SWAT teams. With better depth perception compared to single tube systems, it facilitates effective mounted and dismounted navigation and interaction with the environment. The BinoNV-c operates on a single AA battery, with the option for an external battery pack, enhancing its operational flexibility during extended missions. This goggle’s cutting-edge capabilities and ergonomic design make it a preferred choice for rigorous field applications where reliability and performance are critical.

L3 Harris GPNVG-18

AKA Quad nods, Panos; The L3 Harris Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (GPNVG-18) is designed to significantly enhance situational awareness and operational capabilities by providing an expansive 97-degree field of view. This panoramic view, substantially wider than the typical 40-degree systems, is achieved through specialized optics that amalgamate images from high-performance Mil-Spec Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifiers.

These factory-standard devices come with a one-year warranty and a lead time estimated between 60-90+ days. The GPNVG-18 units include a CR123-powered battery pack, with the option to use the PVS-31 cold weather battery pack for additional versatility. Furthermore, L3Harris offers service support for these goggles even after the warranty period, ensuring long-term reliability and maintenance support.

The following goggles are ranked based on cost, operational features like weight, ease of use, field of view, and specific enhancements that benefit tactical operations.

Ranking and Recommendations

  • Budget: PVS 14 monocular w/ ELBIT Gen 3 White Phos.
  • Good: Act In Black DTNVS (Dual Tube Night Vision System)
  • Better: L3 (BNVD) – 1531 
  • Best: L3 (BNVD) AN/PVS31a

To purchase the above night vision goggles, visit the NOX Dynamics sales page.


Master Night Operations with NOX Dynamics Night Vision and Tactical Training

Combat Medical Training

In addition to Night Vision and Tactical training, NOX Dynamics offers advanced combat medical training, a program available to some of the most elite units in the military. While the specifics of these trainings are discreet to maintain operational security, NOX Dynamics provides courses that address complex and critical medical scenarios encountered in high-risk environments.

Their instructors, who are former 18D (Army Special Forces Medics) and Navy SEAL Special Operations Combat Medics (SOCM), bring a wealth of real-world experience to each course. They deliver comprehensive training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), preparing individuals for a range of medical emergencies.

Their passion for saving lives drives the quality and intensity of each training session, ensuring that every participant is equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform under pressure and save lives.


NOX Dynamics is a leader in providing advanced NVG solutions and tactical training. 

Whether it’s through their meticulous selection of NVGs for sale, their comprehensive training programs in night vision and combat medical procedures, or their consultative services for law enforcement, NOX Dynamics ensures that their clients are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for superior operational performance.

Nox Dynamics Night Vision Training