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Range Bag Essentials: Must Haves for Range Day

Did you know that just 52% of gun owners say they go to the gun range often?

The range provides a safe place to practice, let off steam, and make sure your skills are sharp and current.

After all, it’s important to self-train, rather than rely solely on a class. So, Why not make it an enjoyable experience?

Range Bag Essentials

The more you shoot, the more you realize you need to be organized, have the right tools, and be prepared when you’re at the range. Being unprepared is a waste of ammunition, time, and money.

Keep reading to learn a few range bag essentials you need to have on hand.

Firearms and Ammunition

When selecting a firearm for your range bag, there are several factors to consider. What is your purpose for shooting? Are you training for self-defense, tactical, target shooting, or competition?

The answer to this question will guide you toward the appropriate type of firearm.

Think about comfort and proficiency level with different firearms. Always pick a firearm that you can handle comfortably and confidently.

Once you’ve chosen the right firearm, it’s time to load up on ammunition. What’s best for you depends on various factors, including the caliber of the firearm, the purpose of shooting, and the gun range regulations.

Cost is important too, so consider training with a weapon that has a lower cost per round. That way, you can put in constant training without breaking the bank. Bring a few extra magazines to get the most out of your time on the gun range.

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Quick Range Bag Firearm & Ammunition List

  • Firearm(s) – Bring firearms relevant to your range goals
  • Ammunition(s) – Bring ammunition for each firearm and utilize affordable rounds

Essential Shooting Accessories

At the gun range, the right accessories can make a big difference to your training and skill development.

First off, optics can greatly enhance your accuracy. Whether you prefer red dot sights, holographic, or magnified scopes, choosing the right optic is an important part of range bag packing.

There’s nothing more annoying than fumbling a reload when you’re putting lead down range. Consider investing in Spiritus Systems magazine pouches or a Ronin Tactics belt system. These allow for quick and easy access to your magazines.

And where would this list be without a quality holster? There are hundreds to choose from, but Safariland makes some of our favorites. A shot timer is another tool that should be in your range bag.

One popular and highly regarded shot timer is the Competition Electronics ProTimer. Shot timers help collect shooting data by documenting time from draw to first shot, splits between shots, and total time to complete a drill.

Quick Essential Range Shooting Accessories List

  • Optics/Sights – Boost precision and improve your skills
  • Belt – Tactical belt to hold mag pouch, holsters and med pouch.
  • Mag Pouch(es) – Bring at least 2-3 depending on your range plans
  • Holster(s) – Bring holsters for each relevant firearm you will be using
  • Shot Timer – Gather shooting data and improve your skills

Targets And Stands

Targets are a fundamental part of any range day. They provide a visual representation of your shooting accuracy, allowing you to track your progress over time. Try USPSA, IPSC, or even a simple piece of cardboard with paper drills. Choose a target that suits your training goals and shooting discipline.

To hold your targets securely, you’ll need a reliable target stand. A sturdy target stand ensures that your targets stay in place, even with the impact of multiple shots. Look for adjustable stands that allow you to change the height and angle of the targets, providing versatility for different shooting drills and scenarios.

A marker is another essential height of the range bag kit. Use it for better shot pattern recognition and shot tracking. Combined with a quality target and stand, you’ll see how this simple gadget improves your shooting.

Quick Range Targets & Stands List

  • Targets – Bring targets that cover the range training for the day
  • Target Stands – Make sure you have proper stands for each target type
  • Markers – These are used to mark the hits on your targets

Safety Gear and Medical Equipment

When heading out for a range day, safety and well-being should be a top priority.

Protecting your eyes and ears is of utmost importance. Loud gunshots can cause permanent hearing damage, while flying debris and spent casings can pose a risk to your eyes. These high-quality shooting glasses from Gatorz provide ample coverage and impact resistance. Use earplugs or an Ops Core AMP headset to protect your hearing.

Gloves are another important part of PPE and we recommend some from Outdoor Research. They can shield your skin from hot brass casings and potential burns. Closed-toe shoes are also a good idea to protect your feet from hot casings.

You must always keep a first aid kit in your range bag. Accidents can happen, and it’s your responsibility as a gun owner to be prepared. Your first aid kit should include tourniquets, gauze, chest seal, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, scissors, and pain relief. This Quik Clot Combat Gauze is a must.

Quick Range Safety & Medical List

  • Eye & Ear Protection – You only get one set of each, keep them safe
  • Gloves – Multipurpose and keep your hands safe
  • Close Toed Shoes – Probably did not need to add this one
  • First Aid Kit – Tourniquets, gauze, chest seal, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, scissors and pain relief

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Other Useful Range Bag Kit

A chest rig is a convenient and practical accessory for range bags. It allows you to keep your extra magazines and equipment organized and easily accessible.

Consider the chest rigs from Spiritus Systems, known for their high-quality and innovative designs. They also offer modular plate carriers that provide excellent protection and versatility.
Imagine being in the middle of a shooting session and running out of battery power for your optics or other electronic devices. You can avoid these irritating situations by packing some extra batteries in your range bag kit.

A clean gun is a functional gun. Include items such as a cleaning rag, lubricating oil, rods, bore snakes, and wire brushes in your range bag cleaning kit. That way, your guns will stay in top condition throughout the day.

Useful Range Bag Quick List

  • Chest Rig – Hold extra mags and equipment
  • Plate Carrier – Hold extra mags, equipment and protection
  • Weapon Cleaning Kit – Keep your firearms clean before and after use
  • Optics Batteries – Keep extra optics batteries so there are no surprises

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve covered some of the most important range day essentials, it’s worth exploring a few extra points. Check out these FAQs:

Do You Really Need a Range Bag?

If you’re going to the gun range, especially if you’re going to make a habit of doing so, you need a range bag in which to carry your pistol and/or necessary and useful gear.

What Is a Range Bag Used For?

A range bag is, in simple terms, any bag you use to carry stuff to the range for target shooting, plinking, or competition.

Can Any Bag Be a Range Bag?

From duffle bags to Dewalt tool bags or purses, almost anything could be used as a range bag. The best gun range bag for you could differ on any given day depending on how much stuff you need to carry.

Range Bag Essentials Made Simple

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