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Are you looking for courses that will help you build and enhance the skillset needed in order to survive some of the most challenging situations? Come explore our network of tactical and survival skills training companies and choose a course that’s right for you.

At TacSkills, we prioritize quality. 

TacSkills is the only site in the industry bringing you a complete list of tactical courses to choose from, hosted by different companies from across the US- you are sure to find the right one. Browse all the courses on our platform, add your company to our database, or sign up to stay connected with TacSkills.

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Our commitment to growth and providing access to the best training available is unwavering. We invite you to join us on a mission to train into your true potential, enhance your skills, contribute to a thriving network and step into a world where advanced training is readily accessible.

At TacSkills you can benefit from the strength of our network to access unparalleled learning experiences and be part of a community that is shaping the future of how people access tactical training. 

Next step- Join TacSkills today and become part of a dynamic community that is dedicated to your growth and success.


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Use our one-of-a-kind mapping system to locate courses near you, across the nation, or that specialize in a particular subject.

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Our experts come from advanced backgrounds such as Special Operations, and can provide you with the most up-to-date advice.

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Interested in filling up your classes and getting your courses in front of folks on our map? Submit a request! Let’s talk!

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Advanced Training Courses All In One Place

We’ve created an open-source database of the most elite tactical and survival skills training courses available, including pistol and rifle training courses, and we’re rapidly increasing available courses and companies to check out by the day. Running searches using traditional methods will prevent you from accessing the full scope of what’s available, and as we’ve all seen- social media platforms can easily pull the plug on your favorite training pages or limit the visibility of their posts, leaving you in the dark. We’re bringing everyone together in one place to completely eliminate that, and providing you with unmatched visibility.

At TacSkills, you can easily compare details and drill down into which courses most closely fit your requirements. Our platform allows you to refine your search fast, allowing you to narrow it down based on course type, location, and more. We’ve made finding the right training opportunity for your personal goals quick and effortless.

TacSkills offers access to tailored tactical training courses that check all the boxes. Our database provides specialized courses in every area from firearms training, to advanced medical training, to survival training, and so much more.

We offer more than training programs and course listings. TacSkills is a community-driven platform designed to help fortify the training industry, build relationships within the community, and direct people to life-saving education.

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Easily Find Tactical Courses

TacSkills is the premier destination for tactical training excellence and unparalleled course visibility across the United States. At TacSkills, we believe in the power of community and exceptional training. Our mission is to connect individuals like you with specialized training taught by some of the most skilled instructors in the tactical course industry within the nation. Our database consists of high level tactical, survival, pistol, and rifle training courses:

  • Pistol Training Courses
  • Rifle Training Courses
  • Medical Courses
  • Survival Courses
  • And Much More

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Work With A Skilled Instructor

Now more than ever, we need to be prepared for anything. Tactical and survival skills training allows you to develop and sharpen the skills needed to perform effectively in high-stress situations, and is crucial when preparing to make critical decisions and react swiftly in challenging environments. We make it easy to find a wide range of courses, including:

  • Long-Range Precision Courses
  • Home Defense Courses
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Communication Systems
  • Active Shooter Response
  • And More

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Work With Our Consultants

Custom Consulting Services

TacSkills offers custom consulting services, catering to individuals seeking a personalized approach to firearm design, night vision builds, gear configurations, and more. Our consultants understand that every shooter has unique needs and preferences, whether they’re competitive marksmen, military, or security professionals.

We pride ourselves on going beyond the ordinary by considering factors like shooting environment, intended use, ergonomics, and personal preferences to ensure the final product exceeds expectations. We specialize in customizing various aspects of firearms and gear, including rifles, pistols, night vision systems, helmets, belts, optics, ammunition, precision rifle systems, chest rigs, plate carrier setups, as well as ruck and assault pack configurations.

For those looking to enhance their shooting experience, we provide expert guidance in selecting the right components for each firearm and gear category, whether it’s optimizing accuracy in long-range shooting, improving recoil management in custom pistols, integrating night vision technology seamlessly, or creating comfortable and efficient gear setups. With a commitment to tailoring solutions for individual needs, we invite customers to contact us for personalized firearm and gear consultations and quotes.

Our Experts

Want To Remain Informed? Check Out Our Articles

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, tips, and insights from the world of tactical and survival skills training by checking out our informative articles. We cover a wide range of topics, including industry trends, training techniques, and gear/ equipment information you won’t want to miss. Subscribe to remain informed and actively engaged.

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In today’s world, it is more important than ever to join forces and build a network that supports growth and collaboration. That’s why we have created more than just a company; we have built an ecosystem that enables people to connect to training easily, a place for instructors and companies to showcase their courses, network with training venues, communicate with each other within a private community, co-facilitate events, post open instructor/ support jobs, and share assets.

Through our platform, you gain exposure to law enforcement professionals and agencies, military personnel, and civilians seeking advanced training, allowing you to connect with a wide range of individuals actively seeking training that otherwise wouldn’t have known where to find you.

We also offer a private community dashboard to our partners where they’re able to shoot each other messages, collaborate, post open instructor jobs/ support jobs, view a list of ranges open to hosting your courses, and more. This lets our partners share insights, best practices, and expertise with like-minded professionals.

Additionally, TacSkills can help promote your courses. Our platform features advanced search filters, course recommendations, and user reviews. This allows you to increase the visibility and credibility of your offerings in front of a massive audience searching for your services. We are working hard on the backend to fight the fight against censorship to get your company in front of folks, and we have a dedicated team making it happen.

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Why do we feel this is necessary? We noticed several months ago training companies began getting notices that their content wouldn’t be visible to non-followers of their social media accounts, and how rampant censorship had gotten. So we decided to create a site dedicated to beating these anti-tactical, tyrannical, un-american corporations and give training companies a platform so they won’t be canceled or deplatformed.

If you’d like to help fight the fight and support our mission at TacSkills, we welcome your generous donation.

Your contribution will help us build our internal team, allowing us to reach more partners and viewers, which we hope will result in a high population of trained and skilled individuals within our nation.

Your support will help us enhance the accessibility and visibility of training across the US. With your donation, we can further develop our resources and reach more people. Join us in shaping the future of tactical training and survival skills by donating to TacSkills today. Help us make a difference.

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