Custom Firearm Design & Consulting

Custom Consulting: Custom Gun Builds, Firearm Design, Gear Configurations, And More

We are here to help you build the perfect firearm for your needs, as well as night vision setups, kit configuration and more. Contact us today for custom consulting for gun builds and gear.

Expert Guidance 

When it comes to firearm design and custom gun builds, one size does not fit all. That is why we offer custom firearm build consulting services. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, military, hunter, larper, or a security professional, we will help you create a firearm that’s uniquely yours.

We pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our firearm designers and custom gear experts consider factors such as shooting environment, intended use, ergonomics, budget, and personal preferences. This ensures that the result not only meet’s but exceeds your expectations.

If you are interested in working with our custom gun build consultants to create a customized firearm, night vision setup, or gear configuration contact us today.

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Explore Our Gun Design Specialties

Pistol System Design 

Custom pistol design requires a keen understanding of balance, recoil management, and ergonomics. We will work with you to create a customized handgun that maximizes accuracy and ease of use, whether you’re at the range or in a high-stress situation.

Rifle System Design

When it comes to custom rifles, we can help you fine-tune every aspect. This includes barrel selection, caliber choice, stock options, and trigger configurations. Whether you’re aiming for precision or reliability, we’ll help you build a rifle that performs flawlessly.

Precision Rifle System Design

Elevate your marksmanship with our custom precision rifle systems built to exacting standards. From barrel harmonics to stock adjustability, we help you craft rifles that deliver unparalleled accuracy. Design the perfect hunting rifle or a piece fit for military use. 

Optics System Design

Experience precision like never before with our curated custom optics selection. From holographic sights to long-range scopes, we’ll help you choose optics that align with your shooting goals. This allows you to outperform in any situation, from competition to target shooting. 


Unlock your firearm’s full potential with the correct ammunition. We will guide you in selecting ammo that optimizes performance and reliability and is tailored to your firearm and purpose. Whether you want to boost accuracy or bring down big game, we can help you create the perfect stockpile. 

Gear Configuration Consultation

Night Vision Systems 

Our night vision system designs will help you maintain the upper hand in any situation. We’ll integrate the latest night vision technology seamlessly into your firearm setup. This enhances your ability to operate effectively in challenging environments.

Chest Rig & Plate Carrier Setup

Navigate tactical situations effortlessly. Our custom chest rig and plate carrier setups provide comfort, optimal gear placement, and rapid access to essentials. This ensures peak performance in the field or on the job without unnecessary weight. 

Ruck & Assault Pack Setup

Gear up for missions and adventures with our ruck and assault pack configurations. Our setups balance weight distribution, organization, and durability, enhancing mobility and readiness. It also allows you to carry all the essentials so you’re ready for any situation. 

Belt Setup

Optimize your shooting experience with a tailored belt setup. We will help you set up comfortable holster placements and convenient magazine access. This enhances your speed and efficiency on the range. It also makes it easy to stay organized. 

Helmet Setup

Stay protected without compromise. Our helmet setups combine cutting-edge designs with optimal comfort and a secure fit. We’ll also help you add all the features most important to you, with accessories like night vision for peak performance.