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We serve as a nationwide directory for a range of high-quality courses by the best tactical instructors and training centers in the game.


Tactical Courses Include:

  • Firearm Training
  • Medical Training
  • Home Defense Training
  • Survival Training
  • High-level Tactical Training
  • and more


Join the TacSkills team as a partner, tactical gear and equipment affiliate, or supporter- We’re always looking to expand our team and serve as a platform for companies and instructors who share the same vision that we do.

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Are you looking to expand the reach of your courses? Do you have a quality product that needs to reach the right audience? We want to know more about your course and what you have to offer.

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Are you a firearm manufacturer, gear or equipment company? Would you like your products to reach the right clientele? We would be happy to have you onboard our gear and equipment affiliate team. We believe in creating a mutually beneficial relationship where we can match enthusiasts with the quality products you offer. We are constantly looking for innovative, premium-quality gear that aligns with evolving systems and reputable brands that will benefit the community as a whole.

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Are you and your company passionate about the growth of the tactical training industry? Would you like to contribute to the evolution of the community, its products, and training opportunities?

At TacSkills, we are a hundred percent dedicated to implementing groundbreaking systems that serve as a solid foundation for training centers, tactical instructors, and product manufacturers. We understand that the nature of this industry requires quality training, exceptional skills, and valuable resources to ensure responsible and safe implementation.

Your contributions will help us achieve our goal of providing access, connecting students with qualified instructors, and strengthening the community.

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