TacSkills was designed to make finding tactical firearms training, evasive driving, sniper courses, survival courses, & more easy

We are the one-stop shop where people who are seeking training courses and instructors come together. We are the premier destination to locate tactical training and offer unparalleled course visibility across the United States. Join us now and never miss out on a training opportunity again.

Our Values


We're pro second amendment

We’re Pro 2A

We recognize the importance of our constitutional right as Americans to own and operate firearms. TacSkills supports these rights and is dedicated to serving the community that protects them with access to tactical firearms training.

Advocates for education

We’re Advocates For Education

We believe every man, woman, and child has the right to learn life saving skills. Our goal is to provide a platform that will empower every willing American to access this critical education.

We support community

We Support Community

At TacSkills we understand the importance of community. We believe in networking, forming relationships and working together to accomplish even the most challenging tasks. 


Experience the Future of Tactical Training

At TacSkills, we are on a mission to strengthen the tactical training industry through strategic partnerships. As a leading company in the United States, we embody the values of dedication, precision, and superior performance. Founded by current Special Operations professionals and industry experts, we are committed to providing access to exceptional training experiences.

Discover the extensive range of tactical firearms training, evasive driving courses, sniper courses, and more that we offer:

  • Defensive Pistol Courses
  • Carbine
  • Long- Range Rifle/ Sniper Courses
  • Medical Training
  • Survival Courses
  • Home Defense
  • CQB
  • Tactical Mobility
  • Defensive/ Evasive Driving Courses
  • And more

Survival training

Tactical Firearms Training

Together, we can exponentially expand the reach companies engage with, provide a platform that training can be easily located, and help grow the industry while providing a place for our community to access support.

Our Community

TacSkills community

Not only are we focused on bringing in business to our partners, we’ve created a backend, private community our tiered partners have access to where they can:

  • Create a company bio
  • View range venues open to hosting courses from across the US
  • Send and receive direct messages from other partners in the network
  • Post and view open instructor roles/ job listings within the industry
  • Access business development resources ie web designers, marketing, seo, consultants
  • Collaborate and create premier courses with partners
  • View special events coming up

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Showcasing Excellence

TacSkills isn’t just about providing courses, we’ve taken a multifaceted approach. We are passionate about showcasing excellence. We actively seek out the most innovative new gear to hit the market, proven brands, and products that align with the evolving needs of our community.

By partnering with us, you become part of a movement to shape the future of the tactical training industry. Our expertise, industry knowledge, and vast connections enable us to propel your company to new levels of success confidently.

Grow Your Training Company with TacSkills

TacSkills is your gateway to a broader audience seeking your training and experience. Most companies within the industry heavily rely on social media and their audience within these platforms to market training. With recent censorship measures these platforms have taken, soon this will no longer be possible. Our mission at TacSkills is to become the trusted website for those seeking training, free from censorship or obstruction.

We’re also developing a private community that will provide you with business development resources, opportunities to connect with other instructors, ranges, and open job listings within the industry. Stay tuned for that!

Let’s shape the future of tactical training and make a lasting impact. Whether you offer tactical firearms training, evasive driving classes, sniper or survival courses, or another specialty, contact us today to learn more.