Haley Strategic’s roots are boldly and unapologetically American. Every team member at Haley Strategic takes an internal oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. We base our training and product design philosophy around concrete principles and hard work done smartly. While other companies deliver buzz words as a principle of design, our principles are forged around the warriors we serve. Compassion: Because the more you care about something the harder you will fight for it. Vulnerability: Because the courage to be imperfect focuses on self in order to become the best for the people we serve.

When you support Haley Strategic, you are supporting Veterans, American jobs, American families, and American communities ultimately enabling us to continue making life saving equipment for the American Patriots that defend our right to Die Free. While many people will never take the time to read these pages, we feel it is imperative that we share transparently our beliefs on what we stand for, who we stand with, and what we must absolutely stand against.

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D3 CLASSES- Disruptive Environment, or D3, is designed as an advanced applications course to accelerate skill-set development for experienced shooters. The curriculum is relevant to anyone from the responsible armed citizen, to active MIL and LEO. 

D5 CLASSES- Disruptive Science, or D5, is designed as a foundational course to accelerate the learning curve of all students regardless of background or experience level. Many firearms courses focus solely on the gun whereas our multiday course formats focus on the science of the human body, the brain, and the weapon system to advance shooting performance.

D7 CLASSES- Disruptive Laboratories, or D7, is designed as a foundational course for defensive shooting and judgmental use of force. Here at the Haley Strategic HQ in Scottsdale, AZ, we have one of the most advanced judgmental use of force simulators in the world. Our D7 Performance Lab, powered by Virtra, offers the user a unique experience to test both their thinking and shooting skills.